Employee Art Grant

The Big Cartel Employee Art Grant provides a way for all Big Cartel employees to broaden their artistic horizons and pursue personal projects that are burning a fire in their belly. Whether it’s one big project or a few smaller ones, this money serves as an investment in your creativity, and we hope you’ll take advantage of it.

The process is simple:

  1. You tell us your idea
  2. We fund it, up to $2,000 per year
  3. You bring it to life

Current projects:

  • In Pursuit of Candy

    Karen has her heart set on making sweet and delicious, homemade candy.

  • Uncommon Clothier

    Vanessa documents her exercise in sewing, construction, and design.

  • Spirit Friends

    Michael creates patches for you to keep your spirit animal close.

  • Pen to Paper

    Sarah's turning scribbles & sketches into illustrated wrapping paper.


    Dan builds artifacts for the brotherhood of Beeteeth.

  • Monochromatically

    Andy applies inspiration from Dogme 95 to digital photography.

  • Nick's Wood Shop

    Nick teaches himself the ins and outs of woodworking.

  • The Transition Metals

    Lauren delves into metalsmithing with plans to make beautiful jewelry.

  • Chris Builds Stuff

    Chris tries his hand at woodworking and building furniture.

  • Neat Co.

    Carl learns to craft beautiful leather goods by hand.

  • Home Studio

    Nate builds a home recording studio to write and record his own music.

  • Completed projects:

    • Karen Sews

      Karen teaches herself to sew through completing various projects.

    • This is for you.

      Vanessa leaves notes for strangers and encourages them to respond.

    • The Trees

      Tyler creates a pocket guide to help people identify trees.

    • Anna in the Kitchen

      Anna embraces her inner baker/chef and hones her skills in the kitchen.

    • L.B. Letterpress

      Lucie builds a letterpress to print her very own stationary.

    • Jasper Motherwell

      Inspired by some of his favorites, Michael dusts off his brushes.

    • The Lost Detective

      Andy embarks on another journey in filmmaking.

    • The Family Owner’s Manual

      Chris creates a web comic about the challenges of family life.

    • Spinster Farm

      Rachel sets off on a musical learning / writing / recording adventure.

    • Lil Factory

      Karen snubs the big, grey factories and makes her own living essentials.

    • Axe Building

      Josh is a man on a mission to build his very own guitar.

    • A Sweater from Titan

      Karen makes a sweater, from alpaca to finished product.

    Apply with the following:

    • Idea

      What’s your project idea? What interests you about it? What do you hope to get out of it? Include any references and visual aids.

    • Plan

      How do you propose to tackle your project? Does it need to be broken into chunks? What obstacles might you need to overcome?

    • Timeline

      When would you like to begin your project? When do you expect to finish? What potential delays might there be?

    • Budget

      What’s it gonna take to get things done? How will the money be used?

    • Share

      We all love seeing the creative process and learning from each other’s experiences. How will you document your project to share with others?

    * you must be a Big Cartel employee, sorry.